SEO and Social Media Package

All Encompassing  Strategy to Grow Your Business Online, Starting at $389 Per Month

  • Biweekly SEO Blog Post

    Keyword rich content to help you rank higher under your target keywords.

  • Promote Good Reviews

    Request feedback from recent customers help them share good reviews on popular review sites.

  • Google Adword Management

    CPC advertising that is effective on even a small budget.

  • Local SEO and Directory

    Listing all your products and services on all directories. 120+ sites included.

  • Linked Social Media Accounts

    Matching themes and cross-posting across all popular platforms to help engage customers.

  • Seasonal and Event Adversiting

    Promote services around local events and holiday's during peak times.

Biweekly SEO Blog Post

Content is king.  Having the most relevant content is what Google and other search engines strive to provide.  We gather data and determine which keywords your customers use most often to find your products or services.  We use this to write user-friendly content on the right topics to help you rank higher when your customers are searching for a business like yours.

Promote Good Reviews

We gather user data such as email and phone numbers of recent customers in order to re market or request feedback.  We send customized emails to determine if the customer had a pleasant experience.  For instance, we may request a rating between 1-5.  If the customer rates you a 4 or 5 they are automatically prompted to share their review on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.  If they rate you a 3 or below they are prompted to contact you.

Google Ad word Management

Cost-Per-Click advertising can help you build brand awareness or advertise to a specific group of individuals.  You can appear on YouTube, Facebook, and other popular websites that your customers frequent.  You only pay for the actions you want.  No call = No Charge.

Local SEO and Business Directory Management

Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other directories give you tons of places to list your business.  When done properly, this helps Google understand more about where your business is located and what you provide.  If you operate a storefront it is important that you rank high on Google and Apple map services.

Linked Social Media Accounts

When your accounts or linked it helps your customers find you anywhere.  Consistent colors, fonts, logos, and offers will prevent confusion for your customers and search engines.  Your special offers and sales will automatically share across your website and social media platforms.

Event and Holiday Advertising

Search traffic for local events and holidays can be used to promote your business while offering information about local events.  Offering information on your site is helpful and promotes your site ranking at the same time.

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